Today, kitchens are much larger than in the past. Now they have become the center of activity in the home where people gather and entertain.


We understand these elements work in harmony, and we work to achieve that look.

Quartz, Marble, and Granite

Options available for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, family rooms, & more, have access to natural stone finishes you always wanted with us.

Kitchen and Bath

Revitalize your bathroom or kitchen with stone products that can improve the value of your home. A wide selection of designs are available to you.

The Best Value

We offer the best values in our industry on natural stone including Quartz, Marble and Granite. We work to meet your budgetary concerns.

Black Galaxy Granite and Marble ATL Inc

Black Galaxy Granite and Marble ATL Inc is one of Atlanta’s largest marble countertop wholesalers and importers of natural and engineered stone products in our area. As an experienced and full-service Atlanta contractor for granite countertops, we can deliver installation and fabrication on a wide selection of granite, granite countertops, marble countertops, stone, quartz, tile and more.

We work with a wide selection of clients including architects, interior designers, builders, residential clients, renovators, restaurant owners and more. We want to deliver the highest quality natural stone products to any of our clients, and we can do this with our quality sourcing of products as well as our experience as installation professionals.

We offer many years of experience in this industry, and we have assembled a team of the most skilled fabricators and installation experts. We are constantly striving to improve our company with the right talent and the innovations that this industry demands for success. We want to give you peace of mind knowing that your installation will be done correctly and that your investment in stone products will be one you can appreciate for many years to come.

We form great relationships with our customers through our professionalism, our courteous service, as well as our expertise in natural stone. We want to be a company that you recommend to friends or family, and as a result, our customer service professionals strive to be the very best.
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Bathroom Renovations

Countertops, showers, stalls, walls, vanities and more:

We can help you to create your dream bathroom oasis with a variety of stone products that can match your current, faucets, fixtures, and décor.

We can select items for your bathroom that will be complementary to your style and improve the value of your property.

Kitchen Renovations

Stone products such as granite countertops and quartz countertops in the kitchen can create a warm atmosphere and surfaces that are easy to clean. Entertain like never before with a unique stone finish for your kitchen.

With a variety of solutions that can fit around your existing cabinetry, kitchen islands, sinks and more, we can build creative renovation solutions from natural stone.

Residential and Commercial Installations

We provide support in natural stone and granite installations for commercial and residential clients. We can install:

  • Custom fabrications in stone
  • Custom bar countertop setups
  • Fireplaces, floors, chimneys etc
  • Patio installations and outdoor kitchen countertops
  • Bathroom counters, vanities, walls, floors and stalls
  • Kitchen Countertops and Backsplash installations.

Contact us today and tell us what inspires you with natural stone. We have a massive selection of natural stone, quartz, granite and marble in almost any style. Our prices are some of the best in the industry and we have experienced professionals capable of beautifying any space with stone products.

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Quartz has the same durability as concrete & granite, is more forgiving & won’t chip or crack as easily.

Like other hard surface countertop materials, quartz is non-porous so it resists staining much better than granite, marble & concrete

Quartz countertops are a relatively new material. Because of its great qualities such as an attractive appearance, durability and the fact it doesn’t have some of the weaknesses of natural stone, Quartz countertops are increasing in popularity.

Quartz, also called engineered stone countertops, is a manufactured product and is a very attractive alternative to granite, marble and concrete. The manufacturing process of granite offers a wider range of color and pattern choices than natural stones such as marble or granite. The finished appearance of engineered stone is elegant, clean and durable.


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